I’ll talk at:

School for Poetic Computation,
New York, fall 2014

I talked at:

Venezia, September 27 2014

Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards,
New York, Oct 15, 2014

New York City Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence
New York, September 25, 2014

EYEO Festival
Minneapolis, June 13-14 2014
my talk breakdown here
(video is coming soon)

General Assembly
New York, May 22 2014

Mlilan, May 17th 2014
video here

London, May 8th 2014

Belgrad, April 3-5 2014 2014

Annapolis, February 26 2014
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video here
pictures of the conference

New York, February 6-7 2014
video here
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The School of Visual Art public event,
New York, January 22nd 2014
video here

New York , October 28-30, 2013 /
Design panel
slides here
video here

AD Monster conference,
New York, September 26, 2013

Mind Lab / How Public Design?
Copenaghen, September 3rd
find a summary of the event here:

MediaEvolution Conference
Malmoo, August 20-23, 2013
“Big Data: understand and visualize” with Mike Dewar, NYT R&DLab
(video here)


New York Public Library
New York, July 26th, 2013


NYC dataviz meetup
New York, July 1st, 2013


EYEO festival 2013
“Data I paint with”
Minneapolis, June 7th, 2013
video /
slides here


Chi ha paura dei dati?
Nuove sfide per giornalismo, business e ricerca
with: Paolo Ciuccarelli, Farida Vis, Francesco D’Orazio, Serena Danna
Fondazione Corriere della Sera, Milan, May 20th, 2013

Anatomy of a Data-Visualization: stories, architecture, inspirations
- Feb 25th 2013: NYU, ITP data representation course hold by Jer Thorpe
- March 4th 2013: Parsons, Design&Technology department, data visualization course hold by Manuel Lima

We live in narrative environments: depicting places perception and identity through user generated contents
in The Future of Security, Parsons’ Insititue for information mapping conference within NYC Data Week (New York, 24 Oct 2012)
> video link (find my speech starting at 04.00)

Polyphonic images of the city: Mapping human landscapes through User Generated content
in Northern World Mandate Cumulus Conference, Open Participative city (Helsinki, 24-25-26 May h 2012).

Maps of Babel, Urban Sensing through User Generated content
in Human cities Symposium (Bruxelles, 14-15-16 March 2012).

User Generated Cities
in Localizing networks: physical terminals for web 2.0 engines, at Berlage Institute, Rotterdam NL, January 2012.

G.Lupi, G. Rossi
 Reinventare i Contenuti, Il caso Voce Arancio
in Content Strategy, scrivere e comunicare con i mezzi digitali, a Digital Accademia, January 2012.

Intercettare il futuro: paesaggi di informazioni e narrazioni del possibile
In EPOS 2012, presso: Triennale, Milano, 19 Decembre 2011.

S.Arcagni, S.Iaconesi, G.Lupi
Urban Sensing, la vita delle città in tempo reale
In: i mercoledi di NEXA, presso: Center for Internet and Society, Politecnicno di Torino, December 2011.

G.Lupi, S.Quadri
dentità del Territorio? Immagini di città,
in Pordenone (si) Legge, Pordenone, September 2011.

G.Lupi, G. Rossi,
Design as an information process
In: Service Design Performances, Fall 22 Series, Desis-Lab, Presso: Parsons New School for design, New York, August 2011.

Valuable knowledge assets
In: Convergences: Multicultural perspectives on interaction design Presso: Politecnico Milano, Milano, May 2011.

G.Lupi, S. Quadri, Gabriele Rossi
Semplificare è più Difficile
in: Tradeschool, Milan, May 2011.

Liquidità città e servizi
in Design e Servizi, Politecnico di Milano, February 2011.

G.Lupi, S.Quadri
I servizi nella città contemporanea
in Barcamp, IULM, Milan, June 2010.

G.Lupi, S.Quadri
il progettista come riparatore
in Tempoeriuso, MultiplicityLab, Politecnico di Milano, May 2010.

il museo diffuso
in Il distretto culturale evoluto, Treste, October 2009.

il museo contemporaneo, il museo diffuso, workshop a confronto,
in Superdesign, Lecce, June 2009