introducing “Urbanscope”

During past months we’ve been collaborating a lot with different researchers, professionals and companies for improving our researches at the urban scale.
We decided to create a more stable container for our activities, we called Urbanscope.

Urbanscope is a transdisciplinary think tank that involves academic and professional partners in the creation of new knowledge and tools able to enlighten potential answers to unsolved questions at the urban scale.
Urbanscope  aims at designing, testing and deploying new methods and technologies to collect, analyze and represent real-time data at the urban scale.
More specifically, Urbanscope focuses on digital traces left by the people who live, inhabit and cross urban areas (such as geo-localized social media activity, user generated content, mobile phone activity…) in order to investigate their perceptions, visions, memories of the city.
Urbanscope is an urban periscope that scans the composite, stratified, reactive urban landscape to highlight its plurivocal and polycentric multiplicity, to make its polyphonic images visible.

(urbanscope website)

Urbanscope is composed by:
Accurat (, my design agency and consultancy, we works with contents, making them matter in different contexts;
Density Design Lab (, my PhD Department at Politecnico di Milano where we focus on the visualization of complex phenomena;
T-connect ( a Rome based wireless/mobile solution provider;
Vianet ( a web media company that provides hybrid and integrated communication solutions through digital and classic media;
and Fake Press publishing ( an international think tank that develops and creates new publishing models and editorial projects.

At the moment within Urbanscope we’re gathering and analyzing geo-referenced User Generated Content on the city of Milan.
A preview of our work on the Design Week Tweets could be found here: 

We’re currently talking with different stakeholders in order to make the data we collect matter for different research and commercial puroposes.
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About giorgia lupi

1981 I am an architect that never built any house (luckily). I work with information, designing, researching and drawing a lot. I am co-founder ad design director at Accurat ( I am a PhD student at Milan Politecnico (

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